Wusthof Aeon Limited Edition 10 Inch Super Slicer

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From tough vegetable skins to the most delicate baked goods, the oversized blade of the limited edition Wusthof Aeon 10" Super Slicer gives a clean presentation every time. The reverse scalloped edge is also effective on meats and roasts without tearing like traditional serrated blades can.

Wusthof Aeon brings form and function together in perfect harmony. The blades are coated with DLC (Diamond-Like Coating) resulting in durability that is as unparalleled as it is beautiful. The exquisite handles are crafted from millennia-old bog oak – each with its own certificate of authenticity. A true culinary masterpiece. Wusthof Aeon will be your signature, enabling you to capitalize on your preparation and presentation.

Manufactured entirely in Solingen, Germany. Limited to 1500 pieces worldwide.

Product Features

  • Material: high-quality chromium molybdenum vanadium steel (X50 CrMoV 15)
  • Finish: DLC coated
  • Edge: straight edge for Santoku and Cook’s Knives
  • Surface hardness: 104 Rockwell
  • Blade hardness: 58 Rockwell
  • Easy to resharpen
  • Material: bog oak (fossilised wood)
  • Colour: dark brown to black
  • Wood Age: 3,249 years