Taco Proper Fiesta Pack 12 Piece Taco Holders Stands

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The Taco Proper is designed to work perfectly with any standard or 'supersize' boxed taco shells. They INDIVIDUALLY support a taco shell so that the shell does not fall apart during filling. Then, they hold each shell upright so you can easily top them off before serving them. And finally- because the patented single taco-snugging design supports each filled taco shell they ACTUALLY PREVENT SHELL BREAKAGE DURING EATING! This is simply something a taco rack of any kind cannot do because a rack is only helpful during preparation and serving. TacoProper Taco Holders remove the limitation of taco racks of any kind. Set includes 12 Pieces.

Product Features

  • Works great for fast and easy preparation, serving, AND EATING of perfect, unbroken, undumped tacos, everytime!
  • UNLIKE ALL THOSE BULKY TACO "RACKS" of all kinds, TacoProper single taco holders CAN BE USED RIGHT ON THE PLATE!
  • UNLIKE TACO "RACKS"- Whether you are making tacos for four or forty- TacoProper Taco Holders work great! Make up and serve as many tacos as you need.
  • TacoProper Taco Holders are a SUPER VALUE. Each FiestaPak is the equivalent of 3-6 old-fashioned, limited function, taco racks!
  • TacoProper Taco Holders are extremely durable, dishwasher safe, colorful, fun and easy to use.
  • TacoProper Taco Holders store easily when not in use! Just store them in a Zip Seal bag in your utensil drawer.
  • Great for taco parties. Why not take advantage of the Double or Triple FiestaPakª Pack deal below and throw a taco party... or keep one FiestaPak for yourself and surprise someone with a great little gift!
  • Proudly made and packaged IN THE USA.

Product Dimensions:
8.0 x 9.0 x 1.2 Inches
Taco Proper