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Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen Stainless Steel Noodle Strainer Basket, 7.5 Inch

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Helen Chens Asian Kitchen Stainless Steel Mesh Spider Strainer, affectionately nicknamed for its web-like design, safely scoops up foods and drains away hot oil and boiling liquids. The deep, open mesh strainer with reinforced wire frame allows liquids to drain quickly while securely holding foods for easy transfer and serving. This lightweight, yet sturdy, kitchen utensil with long, wooden handle has dual hooks that hang on the pot to keep it conveniently nearby while its in use and to store it away easily. The handle stays cool during use and keep hands out of harms way. A kitchen essentials must, the Mesh Spider Strainer is perfect for Japanese cooking and Chinese recipes, making noodles and homemade dumplings, matzo balls, and other types of pasta, blanching vegetables, deep frying, and so much more. Great for individual portions, too. Fried foods drain quickly to stay crispy and flavorful without an oily residue. Made from stainless steel mesh with wooden stay-cool handle, Helens Asian Kitchen Stainless Steel Mesh Spider Strainer is lightweight and durable. Hangs for easy storage. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Not affiliated with Joyce Chen Products.

Product Features

  • Helen Chen's Asian kitchen stainless steel mesh spider strainer basket safely scoops up foods and drains away hot oil and boiling liquids
  • Wooden handle with 2 hooks conveniently hangs on the pot while in use and stores away easily
  • Long wooden handle keeps hands out of harms way cook, reheat and drain noodles, pasta, dumplings and matzo balls, blanch vegetables, deep fry and more
  • Perfect for individual portions, too lightweight and durable
  • Hand wash in warm, soapy water

Dimensions - 5.51 x 5.51 x 13.39 Inches

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