Polder Countertop Compost Bin, Grey

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A first-of-a-kind kitchen composter that has it all. This new, mess-free design allows contents to be emptied by simply inverting the flexible bin. To help create rich compost, the adjustable airflow lid easily rotates to control just the right amount of ventilation necessary for proper decomposition and odor control. The lightweight and portable design allows the contents to easily be transferred into a larger, outdoor bin. Simple and elegant, this wire frame and silicone composter fits any décor and makes an elegant countertop statement.

Product Features

  • One-gallon (3.8 liter) capacity stores food scraps temporarily on kitchen countertops
  • Lightweight and portable design for transporting compost to larger outdoor bin
  • Flexible push-through silicone bucket inverts to empty contents, non-stick surface rinses clean
  • Simple wire frame and silicone design elegantly makes a kitchen statement
  • Adjustable aerobic compost setting, lid rotates to control airflow for managing odor and decomposition
  • Easy-to-remove silicone bucket is dishwasher safe, top rack only

Product Dimensions:
8.0 x 8.0 x 10.0 Inches