Lekue Pickling & Fermenting Kit, 24 Ounce, Green

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Preparing healthy pickled vegetables at home is easier than you think! Pickled vegetables provide multiple health benefits, such as reinforcing the immune system and intestinal flora, and increase bacterial diversity.

With the Pickling Kit, you will have everything you need to create the ideal anaerobic environment for fermentation. It includes:

  • 2 glass jars (700-ml / 24 fl oz) with exclusive Lekue lid and valve
  • 2 adjustable pressing discs
  • Dual purpose tongs, to press and serve
  • Recipes

The adjustable pressing disc keeps food submerged. On the lid, the silicone valve allows the excess CO2 generated during the fermentation process to escape, ensuring the best results. Thanks to its unique design on the market, you will be able to stack and store the jars during the fermentation process. Non-slip lid. Resistant, anti-odor glass.

Product Features

  • Includes everything you need to create the ideal anaerobic environment for fermentation
  • Prepare a variety of homemade and healthy pickled vegetables
  • Kit includes 2 heavy duty glass pickling containers with valve lids, 2 adjustable pressing discs, a set of tongs, and a recipe book

Product Dimensions:
8.3 x 3.9 x 6.8 Inches