Kyocera Advanced Ceramics 3 Inch Prep Knife, Bar Board and Sheath Set, Red

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The Mini-Prep Knife + Bar Board Set was created for the home bar, tailgating, camp kitchen, picnics, boating and more reaching out to expand the target market for the brand’s exclusive advanced ceramic cutlery. Beautifully packaged, it can also be merchandised for gift giving or as a set of “city-sized” compact kitchen tools for small space kitchens.

The 3-piece set includes a 3-inch Mini Prep Knife, a cutting board, and a safety sheath.

Product Features

  • Set Includes: 3" Mini Prep Knife, 5.5" x 9.4" bar board, 3.7" safety sheath
  • Pure white ceramic blade made of Zirconia Z206, Kyocera’s proprietary advanced ceramic
  • One-of-a-kind ceramic creates a stronger, denser, super sharp blade that holds its edge more than 10 times longer than other blades, including premium steel
  • Go-to knife for slicing fruits such as lemons, limes and strawberries, or for mincing and cutting herbs or small veggies

Product Dimensions:
5.5 x 11.0 x 1.1 Inches