Combekk Railway Cast Iron 4.25 Quart Dutch Oven w/Thermometer, 9.5"

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This Dutch Oven is the only Dutch Oven that has a built in Thermometer for perfect control of the wall temperature of the Dutch Oven. This enables you to control the cooking temperature for all the dishes you will cook in your Combekk Dutch Oven.
This Combekk Dutch Oven is made from the highest quality cast iron, entirely made for recycled materials with a though and functional design. The strong one layer of enamel coating prevents chipping of the enamel.
Enameled cast iron cookware retains heat and creates a uniform heat distribution across the pan. Thats why the best chefs in the world use enameled cast iron Dutch Ovens. This Combekk Dutch Oven brings these features to your stove at home. The special forge and the right mix of materials make Combekk pans of the highest quality.The one and Only Dutch oven with build in precision Thermometer. Perfect for slow-cooking, braising, roasting and many other ways of cooking. High quality completely enameled cast iron with a functional design of fully recycled material.